Title: Smart & Connected In Action Series

Client : Cisco


Strange Media produced 4 episodes in the Smart & Connected series -  2 in the United States and 2 in Europe.  The episode in Madrid, Spain was shot and edited in Spanish.    Produced for the Cisco Interaction Network (CIN), this series was produced in the style of a mini-documentary or biopic.  Largely focused on the individual lives of people and how technology enhances their lives,.

Title - Bridging Health Care Education

Run TIme 8:21


Description - Colleges in rural Colorado utilize technology to advance education and keep nursing students up to date on the latest in medical advancements.

Title - Smart City

Run Time 7:22


Description - Amsterdam - "a world city on a small scale."  this episode highlights how technology is connecting the citizens of Amsterdam and enabling small business entrepreneurs to succeed in the global marketplace.

Title - Swift Justice

Run TIme  8:51


Description - The City of Houston, Texas, utilizes technology to provide efficient processing of judicial matters and enables the police department to better protect and serve its citizens.

Title - Ecopolis

Run Time 8:44


Description - Rivas, Spain (a suburb of Madrid) uses technology to make its city both connected and green.   This episode focuses on municipal advancements in ecology and connectivity for its citizens through technology.


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